Children are REASONS not Excuses

I couldn’t even count the times I’ve heard a fellow mommy say that they can’t workout because of their child{ren} in some way shape or form…


I had already decided before I was pregnant, that I was going to make time no matter what to work out; so using my daughter as an excuse NOT to was inconceivable to me.

I wouldn’t have considered myself an athlete back in High School or earlier, I had run cross country and dabbled in a few team sports but never really found my niche until college. I know the difference in my mood when I am active and when I am not, when I eat right or eat crap. I am a better version of myself when I push myself to get up off the couch, get outside, lift, run, and workout with others. I am a more positive person when I am eating to fuel my body rather than out of boredom or worse: stress eating.

With that said, I pushed myself into someone who lifted and ran for FUN. I taught group fitness at a few gyms back in California and even competed in the Figure category on stage as a bodybuilder. This lifestyle landed me multiple jobs in the fitness industry and right when I decided I was going to start dieting for another show is when God decided the timing was right for us to go through a pregnancy (the best SURPRISE EVER!).

I will write another blog another day on how my pregnancy went, and if you haven’t seen my video blog on it, check it out HERE! My Horrible Pregnancy and Weight Gain!

DSC_5199I had gained a LOT of weight during my pregnancy due to physical pain, and that led to a lot of emotional eating! Once I had delivered my baby girl via C-section, I knew that if I wanted to feel better about myself and see the world through rose-colored glasses again, if I wanted to feel like ME again, I needed to work out, despite how painful it was to merely be in my own skin and look at the person who was now unrecognizable, yes, myself.

Through the pain and the negative thoughts that haunted me every step of the way since Ryen was born, I haven’t gone more that a few days without working out since my pregnancy (more than 2 years ago). I’ve brought her to the gym daycare since she was 6 weeks old, and I have run with her in her stroller, I have brought her to all of my group workouts, and she now accompanies me in our home gym (if she isn’t still sleeping or napping). DSC_4993

I know, for my SANITY, to be ME, a better, more positive, productive version of myself, I NEED to workout, and this means making time as often as I can. Some days are easier than others, and some days there really aren’t enough hours or I failed to plan my day around a workout, I’m human! But I get up when I fall. I get up and the next day I make it the best workout I could have.

I know that feeling of despair, of thinking that my body is just ruined and that Ill never feel good about it again, that why I decided to defy those thoughts and just #ChooseHappy. I chose happy by pushing myself. I chose it by bettering myself, giving myself daily challenges and stepping WAY outside my comfort zone. We can’t get to where we want to go by sitting on the couch, or wishing for opportunities, but we are in charge of our mood and our decisions. DSC_5184

Our entire life is a composite of the decisions we’ve made, the good, the bad and the downright AWFUL. BUT there is always hope for our futures, and dreams and goals when we decide that things will change.

My daughter has never nor will ever be an excuse for me to give up on myself. She is a beacon in the sometimes darkness that I face! She is there as a reminder that she will forever look up to me and look to me for guidance. That is an amazing opportunity and an honorable responsibility that makes me WANT to be the best I can be. I want her to value herself for more than how she looks, but for how hard she can push herself and grow, how strong she can be mentally and physically, with no boundaries for how far she can go or how big her dreams can get. I am taking on this role by leading by  example.

DSC_4595Children follow. Children see everything, they soak it in and even emulate us, even when we don’t think they pay attention or listen. They are little sponges and we, as moms have this incredible opportunity to teach them to be the people we need in the world. kind, caring, strong, passionate people who relentlessly pursue their dreams. People who others can look up to for the RIGHT reasons. People who, when they fall, don’t play the victim, or use excuses, but instead, get back up and fight.

My daughter, your child{ren} will always be REASONS to work out, to get up, to fight, never excuses not to.DSC_4676Images By Kayla C. Photography
#JMOMFJ Everywhere!

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